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Remote Support Services

Remote troubleshooting is how Cluster Flux Technologies can respond to you, and your business needs as if we were there, every minute of every day, just like an IT department. With a few clicks of the mouse, we can be on your computer, seeing what you see, and relieving your technology headaches.

Why Choose Our Remote Support?

Cluster Flux Technologies, remote computer and network support services are geared towards small and medium businesses who need fast and affordable solutions for network availability, security, performance and manageability. How can Cluster Flux Technologies optimize your productivity? Give us a call to find out how we can help your business save money, take full advantage of your network, limit downtime of your systems and increase productivity through stability and proper IT planning.

Work with a computer service provider, not a reseller

Small Businesses require guidance and education to navigate through an increasingly complex maze of technology options. They do not need a product reseller who is trying to sell them a product or a service that does not fit their needs. Cluster Flux Technologies avoids conflicts of interest by not focusing on selling hardware and software products. This allows us to align our technical expertise with the best interests of clients

Reliable Remote Support

There is nothing like having a reliable partner running your IT support and services. We will monitor your systems 24/7, fix any issues as soon as they arise, and provide the services you need remotely and even overnight. Plus

Internet of Things Digital Displays

Electronic message boards help you communicate with your team effectively. Whether you have one location or hundreds, digital signage enables you to reach all employees and customers with company-wide messages and site-specific content.

Why Digital Signs?

One of the biggest problems retailers have when it comes to self-promotion is cutting through all of the marketing noise generated by every other business — be it on radio or TV, in newspapers and magazines or from competing store front signs. Digital signage can cut through those distractions by attracting and directing the attention of the most important potential buyers of all — those in a store who are ready to spend money on a purchase.

What can a Digital Assembily Guide do for me?

If you own an manufacturing business, you know how important employee training can be. Getting the best and current information on how to build your product is the highest priority. Cluster Flux Technology specializes in digital assembly guides. From conception to finished product, you can be sure your associates are making the best product for you.

Saves Time and Money

A digital sign or assembly guide can save you time and money, by allowing you to go from design to display without printing 200+ pages of the same thing, just to have it revised over and over again. You can create a document or image and in an instant upload it to your sign.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

The most common reaction to data loss is fear. Fear that it may be gone forever. With business projects, timeless family pictures and critical customer databases at stake, it’s understandable. But it can also be recoverable. Accidentally deleted files are not truely gone, and having a great backup plan can take away the worry of losing your files.

Help! My Photos Are Gone!


Do I need a Backup Solution?

You may have had a backup on a Hard Drive or, perhaps even in the cloud. Forgetting to backup happens and whether it was a few days, a week or a month, hard drives fail and always at the wrong moment. Backups can also be overwritten. A process that seems routine, may have led to another employee rewriting over important files. Files can also be corrupted through a virus or software incompatibility. You need a Backup, and a Backup for your Backup Solution!

What If My Hard Drive Starts Making A Clicking Sound?

If you suspect your hard drive needs data recovery, taking some precautions can dramatically increase the chances of a successful recovery. Our experts highly recommend discontinuing all usage to the hard drive if your device shows symptoms of failure. Continuing to power up a potentially failing hard drive can cause further irreversible damage. Connect with Cluster Flux Technologies ASAP!


We provide all types of structured cabling for Network, and Security Cameras, as well as Complete Networks Deployment configurations desktops deployments.

Network Wi-Fi Upgrades

With the rise of internet enabled devices and accessible WiFi, individuals carry an average of two WiFi capable devices in almost all high density and very high density environments. Therefore, designing networks that can support that kind of traffic require careful planning.

Connect with Cluster Flux Technologies, and lets go through the following questions to find the best solution for you.

1. What types of applications do you expect to run?
2.What type of WiFi device mix do you expect?
3.What type of wired access switches will you need?
4.What is the number of devices you expect your WLAN to support by the end of the service life cycle?
5.Do you need added focus on wireless monitoring?

Cable Management

We can custom design the best solution and choose the most cost efficient media and hardware. We specialize in clean up, re-organizing and condensing of existing Network/Server rooms. Cluster Flux Technologies can clear up the spegetti monster in your network closet.

CCTV Install

Determining the right CCTV setup for your business depends on several factors including size and architecture of your property, the workflow of your employees, and the features you are looking to have. Working with you, we determine the right surveillance system to suit your needs perfectly.

Technology 101

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The Best Program On Earth Is A Failure If The Team Can’t Use It.

The problem is that employees tend to push back against learning new software. They’re already comfortable working around the flaws in the existing system, and they get frustrated with the disruption that comes with even good changes. This sometimes leaves the impression that the old way was better. Making the training process as painless as possible encourages employees to get behind new software. Cluster Flux Technologies can smooth the path for your users.

Focus On What Matters

As much as 60% of software features are never used. This happens so often there’s a name for it: “shelf-ware”. To some extent, shelf-ware is inevitable. Commercial software developers need to appeal to as many users as possible. They’re constantly adding new features in a quest to widen their customer base and stay relevant. The resulting software has a host of shelf-ware most users will never touch. Don’t make the mistake of trying to teach every function in the program during training. Let Cluster Flux Technologies Focus on the 20-40% of commonly-used features and just help touch on the rest.

What Do You Want To Learn?

MS Office Tips and Tricks
Outlook Hacks
Make Your Spreadsheets More Exciting
PowerPoint Pointers
Troubleshooting and Documentation for your IT 

IT Consulting

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Technology Audit

In today’s information-driven environment, organizations must continually evaluate their ability to protect information assets. This includes not only security protocols and development processes but also continued availability of information to authorized parties. The purpose of an IT audit is to determine how effectively an organization is maintaining these protocols and to provide direction on how to improve. Cluster Flux Technologies  help organizations not only improve internal controls and security but also achieve their IT goals and objectives.

IT Procurement

Whether you need new technologies to provide the services your customers demand or need an upgrade to continue to drive digital business transformation, you know how stressful the IT procurement process can be. IT procurement takes careful planning and management. Let Cluster Flux Technologies Help with your next project.


Our IT Consulting Services are the first step toward transforming your Information Technology and improving your business efficiency. Our experts have the industry experience and best-in-class tools to methodically assess your entire support operation. We look at your IT support services holistically, identifying improvement areas that will have the greatest impact on employee productivity, service levels and customer satisfaction.

Website Design

Your website is an opportunity, so don’t let it be a missed one. Instead of being abandoned by potential clients, capture their attention and imagination with Cluster Flux Technologies.

Website Audit

Is your website built in adherence to best practices in SEO? If not, your goal in having a website to generate business leads will not be fully met, due to less or no traffic from the search engines. With our website audit service we will assess your website and let you know what is preventing your site from getting good rankings on the search engines. We will also provide you the recommendations to resolve these issues.

Website Design and Re-Design

Let us take the confusion out of developing a website that fits your unique needs. We specialize in small to medium business website design with an emphasis on keeping the website search engine friendly.  We can get your website up and running quickly and on budget to your specifications.

Website Hosting

Cluster Flux Technologies can provide your business or household with website hosting and email storage with 99.9% uptime reliability, so that your data is available on the Internet when you or your consumers need it. Imageway website hosting services allow you to advertise your small or medium sized business world wide, on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis. 

Virus and Spyware Removal

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Virus And Malware

Have your office computers or mobile devices been running slowly, freezing up, or receiving random popups? Computer viruses and malware are all too common for small businesses and enterprises and can cause an array of financial issues, not to mention endanger the long-term security and success of the organization. Connect with Cluster Flux Technologies to take a look at your devices.

Common Types Of Malware

Some computer viruses and malicious malware are specifically designed to cause damage to your machines by burying into the programs, deleting files, and even reformatting hard drives in the blink of an eye. Other types of malware and viruses simply flood a network and make it impossible to perform any business-as-usual task. No matter what form the malware takes, the end result is often the same: a serious disruption to your organization and potential loss of important data.

Why Choose Cluster Flux Technologies?

We diagnose each computer and mobile device individually so that no detail goes unmissed – no matter how seemingly small or unintrusive. Our viral removal processes are proven to fully remove all traces of infection and restore your affected computers to their original state. 

Custom ISOs

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Why a Custom ISO

You get a new device out the box to configure it ready for an end-user. For example, join the machine to the domain and install Line of Business Applications. Then at some point, you get hit with having to do a bucket load of updates. Doing these updates will kill your productivity and reduce the speed.  Cluster Flux Technologies can create a custom image to streamline new and refreshed hardware.

What Can A Custom IOS Do?

Cluster Flux Technologies can integrate Addons, Drivers, Gadgets, Language packs, Modified Files, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Silent Installers, Updates. You can also remove features such as Windows Media Player and customize Windows default services.

Open Source Alturnatives

Why we are still fond of expensive applications like Microsoft Windows, Adobe, Autodesk etc. when there are a lot of open source alternatives to replace them.Yes, there are a lot of free options in front of you, from operating systems to other tools to replace your expensive software.

One of the main reason most of us choose top paid software to do our day to day chores only because of their brand names. And a majority of us still don’t know the open source world, where you get tools for free with similar functionality or maybe with more features than the expensive ones. Let Cluster Flux Technologies show you the way to free and open source applications!

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